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My name is Lena Kantor and I’m a certified practitioner in psychotherapy, specializing in emotion-focused brief therapy. I offer treatments for such problems as anxiety, depression, fears, and other types of mental and emotional distress. My therapy sessions combine different treatment techniques and methods, ensuring an individual approach to each patient and the best possible results in his/her journey towards healing.

From an early age, I was curious about the people around me and especially interested in the healing process. Over time, I discovered the immense impact our emotions could have on our daily life choices and their crucial role in any real change or healing.


I started my academic training in conventional medicine – B.Pharm and MSc in computational biology. It was both challenging and interesting - but didn’t provide answers to all my questions. I then turned to the field of alternative medicine and psychotherapy. During my studies and independent research, as I saw just how strong the mind-body connection was, I focused on psychotherapy. It became more evident to me that our emotions influence every aspect of our physical, personal, and professional lives. As a matter of fact, our emotions are the most accurate guide through every true change and personal growth.

Over the years, I went through amazing healing processes within myself and accompanied others through theirs. I formulated my belief that the basis for true healing and personal growth lies in the desire to be guided by free will and conscious choice, without being controlled by our fears, anxiety or pain.

An example of this is the defense mechanisms we adopt in childhood to protect ourselves from pain and fear, which then create obstacles in adulthood. We maintain the same patterns of behavior and thought when we are adults instead of applying the knowledge and experience we have acquired over the years. By taking responsibility for our emotions, we can experience life with a sense of meaning, creativity and love.


The primary purpose of psychotherapy is to solve the inner conflict that creates the mental/emotional distress. The resolution is making it possible for the person to move forward with his/her life, realizing their desires and ambitions.

If a person in distress reaches for help, he already holds within himself the key to full recovery. The role of therapy is to guide him/her on his/hers path to self-healing.

During the treatment, I use a variety of therapy methods and adapt them to the patient to intensify the process. The change that occurs during treatment creates clarity of thought and gives the patient the chance to re-evaluate himself. He learns to rely on his emotions, as well as to accept and love himself. This acceptance and self-reliance give us the power and tools to utilize and maximize the enormous desires and potential inherent in each of us.

I'm trained and certified in several therapy techniques:
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy),  ACT (part of cognitive behavioral therapy),
NLP, Guided Imagery, Kinesiology ("Three in one concept") and more

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